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What is Horizon Scanning?


Horizon scanning involves monitoring the regulatory landscape for developments that could impact a particular business. Such developments include new regulations, recently passed legislation and updated regulatory guidance issued by countries and regulatory bodies from around the world. 


Horizon scanning also provides crucial information that can help you make adjustments on the fly, so you are not caught off guard when new regulatory imperatives come online. If your business is subject to hundreds of regulations (like many are), you need a proven environmental scanning service that can ensure you stay compliant. 


The Benefits of Horizon Scanning

Identifying the early signs of regulatory change, no matter where they originate, is essential if your business is to retain a competitive edge. Horizon scanning from FinregE enables you to monitor and even anticipate regulatory change while also helping you address a variety of other issues, including:


  • How new regulatory information is consumed and processed by your organisation
  • How to assess the impact of regulatory change on your business
  • How best to integrate new regulations without disrupting your business


But that’s not all. Horizon scanning by FinregE will enable your business or institution to:

  • Identify regulatory changes that would negatively impact your organisation: It’s important to quantify which type of regulatory changes could potentially disrupt your business. We can help. 
  • Develop early warning indicators for those changes: We work with you to develop a set of early signs to watch for that could indicate regulatory change is in the offing. 
  • Establish an early warning system: Once you know which types of regulatory change pose a threat and how to identify the signs that such changes are likely to be implemented, an early warning system can be established that alerts key managers to spring into action.


With effective horizon scanning, you can expect to enjoy most or all of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced foresight methods and more actionable regulatory insights
  • Greater operational consistency and integrity
  • Potential cost savings and greater organisational efficiency
  • Greater analytic capabilities, including more effective data management and financial reporting
  • More effective communication at all levels of your organisation


Have Questions? Contact FinregE

Horizon scanning will allow your business to stay flexible and forward-leaning and will provide you with the tools you need to determine ways you can thrive in an ever-changing regulatory environment rather than being consumed by it. To learn more about horizon scanning from FinregE, call +442045370860 or email

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