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Did you know that a new regulatory change is published every 10 minutes across global regulators?

That’s nearly a 1,000 new regulatory developments per month! FinregE can help you understand which changes impact you and how in 60 seconds.

Harnessing the power of machine learning and natural language processing FinregE automates interpretation and impacts of financial regulatory rules.

With FinregE regulatory changes and their required actions are delivered to you in Real-Time!

Sign up for a trial today or get in touch with our team for a demo to see how FinregE can cut your time in identifying, understanding and complying with financial regulatory rules.

Introducing FinregE Automated Regulatory Compliance and Change Management

Consider the problems of manually managing regulatory change and compliance, which involves:
  • Keeping up to date with regulatory changes
  • Identifying the requirements from a rule or change
  • Identifying the affected compliance policies, procedures and controls
  • Understanding gaps in compliance in procedures and controls
  • Identifying relevant compliance owners for regulatory changes
  • Maintaining a library of applicable rules and linked policies, procedures and controls

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We recognise that managing and maintaining regulatory compliance is one of the most time and resource consuming activity. We would welcome sharing with you how we are helping our clients harness the power of automation to solve their compliance problems.

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