Regulatory Reporting

Streamline Regulatory Reporting with FinregE

FinregE understands the importance of accurate regulatory reporting. To achieve this FinregE provides a centralised Regulatory Reporting Module that transforms regulatory reporting processes.

This module is designed to simplify and strengthen your firm’s compliance efforts in regulatory reporting, providing a comprehensive solution that aligns with regulatory expectations and enhances operational efficiency.

Why Use FinregE for Regulatory Reporting

Firms face a complex web of regulatory reporting requirements. Failures in regulatory reporting can stem from a variety of issues, including:

  • Inadequate internal controls and processes for data collection, validation, and submission
  • Outdated or inflexible legacy technology systems that struggle to keep pace with evolving regulations.
  • Siloed data across the organization that makes it difficult to aggregate and report on required metrics.
  • Lack of clear ownership and accountability for regulatory reporting within the firm
  • Human errors and manual workarounds in reporting workflows
Regulatory Fines

FinregE’s Regulatory Reporting Module Solution Features

Centralised Library of Reporting Templates and Instructions

FinregE provides a centralized digital repository where every regulatory report, its corresponding instructions, and the underlying regulatory rules are interconnected. Our Regulatory Reporting Module serves as an all-encompassing digital library, organized to ensure immediate access to the exact information you need for accurate understanding and reporting under regulatory requirements.

Access a vast collection of regulatory reports, linked directly to their reporting instructions and the regulatory rules they reference. This innovative feature establishes intelligent connections between related data points, allowing you to effortlessly access relevant instructions, rules, guidance, and FAQs with just a few clicks.

Intelligent Search Capabilities

Quickly find specific reports, instructions, or regulations using our intelligent search function. This feature cuts through the complexity, enabling you to focus on what matters most.

Enhance Accountability and Transparency

Attach internal policies, procedures, controls, ownership assignments, and commentary directly to the data and rules within the repository. This feature enables end-to-end traceability, providing a clear audit trail and enhancing accountability throughout your compliance processes.

Dynamic Compliance Workflows and Change Management

FinregE’s powerful Regulatory Compliance Controls Self-Assessment Workflow and Regulatory Change Viewer streamline the way you monitor controls, assign tasks, and assess compliance against the comprehensive rules and regulatory reporting requirements contained within FinregE’s Regulatory Reporting Module.  

FinregE’s Dynamic Compliance Workflows and Change Management capabilities offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to ensure seamless compliance and mitigate risk:

Regulatory Compliance Controls Self-Assessment Workflow:

  • Monitor and assess controls against the rules in the Global Library
  • Assign tasks, ownership, and track completion and remediation
  • Receive automated notifications based on defined dates and timescales
  • Leverage AI-powered control mapping to align regulatory rules with internal processes
Regulatory Reporting

Horizon Scanning for Regulatory Reporting

FinregE’s Change Viewer provides you a centralized view of regulatory changes related applicable regulatory reports that apply to your business globally.

FinregE’s regulatory change management for regulatory reporting provides real-time updates that cover regulatory reporting related regulatory changes across all major financial markets globally.

FinregE’s centralised monitoring for international regulations simplifies the management of international compliance obligations, making it easier to understand and react to changes that could impact your operations across different regions.

You can set up personalized alerts for regions, regulatory bodies, or types of regulation and regulatory reports that are most relevant to your business. This customization ensures that your compliance team focuses on the changes that matter most, optimizing your resources and response strategies.

Regulatory Change Impact Assessment Workflow

FinregE’s Regulatory Change Impact Assessment Workflow is designed to streamline the process of adapting to regulatory changes. This workflow allows you to thoroughly evaluate how new regulations affect your reporting requirements and promptly initiate the necessary actions to maintain compliance.

FinregE’s regulatory change management process facilitates collaboration with stakeholders by assigning tasks for the effective implementation of changes.

Additionally, the workflow leverages impact analysis, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your change management efforts.

Regulatory Reporting
Regulatory Reporting

Enhanced Data Interaction and Visualization

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your compliance framework through FinregE’s intuitive data interaction tools and sophisticated dashboards. Seamlessly visualize, manage, and interpret extensive data on regulatory changes, workflow tasks, and actions, enabling you to make informed decisions and maintain a proactive stance.

FinregE’s enhanced data interaction and visualization capabilities empower you to navigate your compliance landscape with unparalleled clarity and efficiency.

FinregE AI RIG for Regulatory Reporting

A Revolutionary Application of AI in Improving the Understanding and Accuracy in Regulatory Reporting

FinregE’s RIG provides an invaluable tool in helping you develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the regulatory reporting requirements. RIG can analyse regulatory reporting instructions, rules and compare instructions between similar reporting items to provide regulatory insights that support accurate interpretation and implementation of reporting obligations. 

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