The secret to optimising regulatory change management with FinregE

Obtain the latest regulatory updates and integrate them into your internal operations and turn regulatory change management into a productive process

Looking to turn regulatory change management into a cost-effective, responsive process?

With regulatory institutions in the UK and the EU making significant changes to the rules, it can be difficult to keep pace with these updates and incorporate them into internal processes.

FinregE understands that keeping up with regulatory updates is a costly and a challenging endeavour that can overwhelm your compliance team. We are offering a solution that can automate regulatory change management and turn it into a more efficient, timely process. Keep up with the latest regulatory updates and avoid costly compliance fines while regulatory change management reduces costs with FinregE!


Benefits of optimising regulatory change management with FinregE

Optimising regulatory change management with FinregE will give you the following benefits:

Get updates and never miss new rulings

Obtain the latest regulatory updates in real-time directly into your inbox, so you never miss an update from any local, national, regional, or global regulatory authority.

Cut costs and improve productivity

Leverage our FinregE solution and automate the process of obtaining regulatory updates to reduce the cost of regulatory change management while improving productivity.

Improve response and reduce strain

Automate the process of obtaining regulatory updates instead of relying on your compliance team to do so, improving the response rate while reducing the strain on your team.

Identify rules and adjust internal operations

Use quick analytics to understand how a regulatory update is connected to existing rules, making it easier to pivot and get the latest regulatory updates.

Stay in compliance and avoid penalties

Keep pace with the latest regulatory updates to ensure that you are always in compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies to stay in compliance with internal operations.

Why Use Finreg-E

FinregE is the first and only ISO-certified, automated compliance solution using powerful AI technology, such as NLP and analytics to break down large volumes of complex regulatory text into easy-to-understand information that can be processed in seconds. Most of our clients who have used the solution have reduced regulatory costs and time taken by over 90%.

Moreover, FinregE is an end-to-end regulatory compliance platform meant to turn regulatory change management into an automated process. This means our regulatory change management solution comes with other useful modules that will empower your compliance team to execute powerful functions.

For example, our digital library module can build a digital library for regulatory rulings. Similarly, your compliance team can update internal operations using our impact assessment module to meet regulatory requirements and turn compliance management into an automated, data-driven process.

By The Numbers


20 +
Customers across the globe
70 %
Less manual efforts managing compliance
90 %
Reduction in missing a relevant regulatory rule

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our solution comes with a data tagging system that allows you to categorise regulatory changes and highlight relevant ones based on different criteria such as Geography, Country, Publication Date, Regulator/Source, Description, companies, and regulatory permissions, which can help you filter regulatory updates.

We offer a sophisticated configurable metadata system field that captures keywords, tags, and themes (credit risk, conduct) and the source of the update, including web page or rulebook chapters. You can configure the metadata to match your needs, and our topic modelling system captures regulatory topics as they appear and filters based on the metadata field you configured. This helps categorise regulatory updates based on your topic and interest.

You can use a sophisticated dashboard featuring key performance indicators and management information on several changes related to regulators, topics, and regions using easy-to-understand visuals, including charts and tables. Moreover, all the information collected and assessed through the dashboard is real-time data, so you get the latest readings instantly.

Yes, our platform can convert the data into different formats, including spreadsheets and PDF documents, for further analysis. Furthermore, the platform can easily and quickly generate compliance reports that your business users can easily read and understand your organisation’s compliance progress.


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