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FinregE's Powerful Legal & Regulatory AI Solution ​

RIG (Regulatory Insights Generator) is an expert large language model explicitly trained for legal texts comprehension and analysis.

Developed by FinregE, this advanced Generative AI conversational partner is explicitly trained to navigate the complexities of global legal and regulatory documents.

 Trained on a vast corpus of regulatory data, RIG’s  innovative AI model ensures accurate and insightful analysis of even the most complex legal frameworks.

RIG is the first legal AI and compliance AI Regulatory Expert in the world pioneering new applications of generative AI and Large Language Models for legal and regulatory domains to make the future of regulation easy.

RIG surpasses generic LLMs with its superior capabilities for navigating regulations, laws, and compliance. Here’s how

Regulatory Intelligence Reimagined: RIG's Seamless Integration with FinregE's Horizon Scanning​

RIG is seamlessly integrated with FinregE’s proprietary regulatory horizon scanning database, ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments across the globe. 

This powerful integration provides you with the most current and relevant regulatory insights, redefining the way you navigate the ever-evolving compliance landscape.

This cutting-edge combination goes beyond merely keeping RIG’s knowledge base updated. It empowers you to quickly and effectively process emerging regulations, enabling precise rule interpretation, comprehensive understanding, and accurate regulatory change  impact assessments.

Proven to significantly enhance  accuracy and efficiency, RIG’s integration with FinregE’s horizon scanning streamlines regulatory change management, delivering substantial time savings while improving process precision.

Digital Rulebooks Powered by RIG's Intelligent Rule Interpretations and Control Recommendations​

RIG’s intelligent rule interpretations and control recommendations, combined with FinregE’s digital rulebooks, enable you to extract core information from regulatory rules, including who the requirements apply to, rule connections and exemptions. 

 RIG reduces the risk of rule misinterpretation. With RIG you can effortlessly interpret complex regulatory texts, identify relevant compliance requirements for your regulatory footprint, and integrate them seamlessly. 

RIG allows you to fully understand and interpret regulatory obligations, synthesize pertinent requirements, and generate customized controls, ensuring comprehensive compliance and mitigating risks effectively.

RIG can answer compliance questions with greater than 90% accuracy and at speeds 200-300x faster than traditional manual review.

Answer compliance questions with greater than 90% accuracy

200-300x faster than traditional manual review

In just 5 seconds, it gives answer to your query

At FinregE, we have dedicated our time and decades of industry experience to ensure that this tool is extensively trained and tested. Additionally, our extensive dataset of current and historic regulation concerning global legal laws and regulations provides the right training for RIG as a compliance expert. And this product puts that technology at your fingertips.

Ready to meet your new regulatory expert?

RIG also act as your lightning speed information retrieval system querying multiple data sources simultaneously and providing you an concise and accurate response.

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