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Regulatory Horizon Scanning Software

What is regulatory horizon scanning and regulatory change management:

Regulatory horizon scanning is the process of identifying and staying informed on upcoming trends and changes in legal and regulatory requirements. It also involves analysing the requirements under the regulatory changes identified, logging the requirements, identifying and allocating owners who will deal with the requirements and actions that need to be taken, and implementing the actions against requirements and changes with recorded evidence of implementation.

Performing regular horizon scanning can help institutions gain adequate time and organisation to respond and be prepared for regulatory changes and developments that can have an impact on regulatory compliance.

AI-Powered Regulatory Insights for Effective Horizon Scanning

FinregE integrates RIG, our state-of-the-art AI tool to understand and interact with regulatory changes.

RIG brings advanced Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to your horizon scanning activities, providing quick insights and actionable intelligence from the vast ocean of regulatory texts.

RIG is powered by a substantial language model trained on a vast dataset of global regulatory changes, news and events. Leveraging deep learning techniques, RIG understand regulatory text and user questions to provide informed, relevant answers like a regulatory expert.

Regulatory Insights Generator

Key Capabilities of RIG for Horizon Scanning

  • Conversational Questioning Analysis Across Documents: Engage with regulatory changes through conversational querying for summarization and understanding emerging regulations.
  • Summarization: Ask RIG to quickly provide a summary of regulatory change proposals, key regulatory requirements and generate an action list for implementation.
  • Regulatory Obligations Identification: Ask RIG to identify key regulatory obligations and policy controls required to implement
  • Compliance Actions : Ask RIG to convert regulatory requirements into clear actions and controls to manage regulatory change implementation
  • Strategic Compliance Control Recommendations: Ask RIG to generate compliance recommendations based on RIG’s in-depth analysis and your firm’s unique profile.
  • Regulatory Change Impact Assessments: Ask RIG to provide list of key mandatory and non-mandatory regulatory requirements and generate actionable requirements


RIG coupled with FinregE’s market-leading regulatory horizon scanning and change management functionality enhances understanding of emerging regulatory developments. It equips regulatory and compliance teams with the intelligence to accurately determine impacts and prepare for new rules.

FinregE Regulatory Horizon Scanning & Change Management Features


Regulatory publications, news and alerts organised by regulator, country, regulation name and links to source websites.


Large breadth of coverage across global jurisdictions, regulatory sources and types of publications.

Real Time

Daily refresh of content with publication updates every hour throughout the day.


Regulatory publications content in local and translated languages as required.


Classified and tagged content by relevant applicable information such as sectors, themes, publication types and regulatory/legislative topics.


Suggested impact ratings driven by connected regulatory publications content to internal compliance data such as policies, processes, risks and controls.


Suggested impact and materiality analysis on areas of risk and control environment based on FinregE expert know-how.


Tracking of regulatory and legislative content through the evolution of policy development cycle.


Task and workflow management covering assigning, mapping, and tracking regulatory developments.


Impact assessments to determine impact by relevant change criteria and rank regulatory changes and developments by impact.


Dashboards, analytics and reporting driven by regulatory publications and internal workflow actions to generate informed management information for oversight and regulatory horizon monitoring.


Full audit trials of relevant versus discarded regulatory development items, and actions being taken across regulatory horizon scanning process.

AI Driven Regulatory Insights

Integrated Regulatory Insights Generator (RIG) providing an interactive querying system for understanding regulatory developments and changes

Why Choose FinregE

FinregE’s Regulatory Change Viewer© provides a regulatory horizon scanning and change management solution that harnesses the power of automation and intelligent software to deliver the following functionalities:


Built in collaboration across departments such as legal, compliance, business, functional, product, risk and process owners to allocate responsibilities and oversight.

Tailored Feed

A tailored feed of all applicable regulatory publications and data required to be tracked against an institution’s regulatory and legislative footprint, to support regulatory change management and horizon scanning.

Tagged Content

Regulatory publications can be tagged to institution specific topics, themes, products, services, customer types, sectors and businesses to reduce the noise from unwanted publications content.

Control Connectivity

Connectivity of regulatory change publications to internal governance, risk and compliance data such as policies, processes and controls for informed impact information and analysis.

Enterprise Workflows

Workflows for circulating relevant publications and items to relevant owners

Action Management

Customised analysis and actions management workflow to add institution and department specific commentaries on impacts, materiality, actions and implementation steps against regulatory change.

Gap Analysis

Ability to add gaps against multiple existing versus future rule requirements and internal policies and processes


Management information, reporting and dashboards on all relevant regulatory change items impacting an enterprise with identifiable by impacts rankings, ownership and status in lifecycle of regulatory change impact and implementation.

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Your one-stop shop for tailored feed of regulatory changes and actions

Digital Rulebooks

Access machine-readable libraries of financial global rulebooks

Regulatory Obligations

Extract insights on regulatory actions and requirements across rules

Rule Mappings

Map rule requirements automatically across your compliance policies

Compliance Workflows

Use workflows to action and record the life cycle of regulatory compliance

Compliance Dashboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Horizon scanning involves monitoring the regulatory landscape for developments that could impact a particular business. Such developments include new regulations, recently passed legislation, and updated regulatory guidance issued by countries and regulatory bodies from around the world.

Horizon scanning compliance is a proactive and futuristic strategy that anticipates regulatory changes that might come into play so a financial institution is ready to implement the update from the day the relevant regulations are passed. This approach seeks to make compliance more streamlined and effective by ensuring regulatory teams stay ahead of potential updates.

Moreover, horizon scanning provides crucial information that can help businesses make adjustments on the fly, so they are not caught off guard when new regulatory imperatives come online. If your business is subject to hundreds of regulations (as many are), a proven horizon scanning service, like FinregE, can ensure you stay compliant and adapt to changes effectively. By staying informed and anticipating regulatory developments, businesses can maintain a competitive edge while ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Staying ahead of regulatory changes is crucial for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. FinregE’s horizon scanning service provides an effective way to monitor and anticipate regulatory change whilst addressing various other challenges. Some key benefits include:

  1. Enhanced foresight methods and more actionable regulatory insights: FinregE helps your organisation consume and process new regulatory information efficiently, ensuring you stay informed about potential changes.

  2. Improved assessment of regulatory change impact: FinregE enables you to evaluate the effects of regulatory changes on your business and develop strategies to adapt accordingly.

  3. Streamlined integration of new regulations: With FinregE, you can incorporate new regulations without disrupting your business, maintaining operational consistency and integrity.

  4. Identification of potential regulatory threats: FinregE helps you pinpoint regulatory changes that could negatively impact your organisation and develop early warning indicators for those changes.

  5. Establishment of an early warning system: By understanding which types of regulatory change pose a threat and recognising the signs that such changes are likely to occur, FinregE assists in creating an early warning system that alerts key managers to take action.

  6. Real-time monitoring of regulatory bodies: FinregE keeps you updated with the latest regulatory developments as they happen, ensuring you always have the most recent information.

  7. Access to translated regulatory updates: Stay informed with regulatory updates in both local and translated languages as soon as they are published.

  8. Organised regulatory content: FinregE categorises regulatory content into taxonomies for easier reading and comprehension.

  9. Conversion of regulatory information into useful insights: FinregE turns voluminous regulatory data into actionable knowledge for your organisation.

  10. Automated mapping of rule requirements: FinregE maps rule requirements across your compliance policies, simplifying the process of identifying and organising applicable regulatory content.

By leveraging FinregE’s horizon scanning service, your organisation can benefit from potential cost savings, increased efficiency, enhanced analytic capabilities, and more effective communication at all levels.

Backed by decades of experience, we provide bespoke regulatory compliance solutions to the financial service industry by leveraging cutting-edge AI and automation to streamline regulatory compliance management.

Today, our solution leverages NLP, topic modelling, and deep learning to turn large volumes of complex information into easily actionable processes, effectively reducing the cost of compliance regulation by over 90%.

When you work with us, you’re also backed by a team with end-to-end expertise in working with innovative technology, regulatory policy, change implementation, and regulatory remediation across a competitive and evolving industry.

Our regulatory horizon scanning tool can remove the complexity of financial compliance by bringing the latest updates from different regulatory bodies to your system. Our horizon scanning tool monitors regulatory news sources, providing alerts and regulatory updates on emerging issues and relays the latest information to relevant teams to ease the compliance process. The compliance horizon scanning platform is designed for client-facing, compliance, and capital-planning teams.

Banks can leverage this approach to compliance by using AI-driven RegTech to scan upcoming updates and stay informed about potential rule changes. Scanning updates in this way makes staying in line with industry regulations a more streamlined and efficient activity because regulatory teams can make pre-emptive changes instead of reacting to new policies and standards after they’ve been passed.

As regulators pass amendments and new rulings across financial compliance, it’s becoming more complex to stay up to date with the latest rule changes.

Given the existence of numerous authorities that issue edicts disparately, this reality places modern financial institutions at significant compliance risk because keeping pace with necessary changes is often impossible through manual efforts alone.

With modern compliance platforms, however, it’s much easier to transform this function into a more proactive part of your work.

Modern tools do more than just the bare minimum of helping you steer clear of regulatory censure and fines but also place you in good stead within the industry and among modern consumers who now demand more from their service providers.

At FinregE, our Regulatory Horizon Scanning solution can help you achieve this, eliminate uncertainty, and turn compliance into the cornerstone of your success.

While we do offer a FREE trial and demo, our platform, itself, is not. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

Yes, you can use our bespoke regulatory change management solution to map internal company procedures against regulatory requirements, making it easier to keep up with compliance requirements by adjusting your operations to meet the latest rule changes.

Yes. You can use our solution to keep up with the latest updates from local, national, and global regulatory bodies from around the world. If the updates come in a different language, our solution can translate them in real-time.

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