FinregE Machine Learning and Natural Language Process on Regulations

Effective machine learning and natural language processing techniques can greatly improve the process of compliance with financial services laws and regulations.

At FinregE, our team of experts specialize in applying cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to laws and regulations. Our team is composed of experienced data scientists, software engineers, and compliance experts who work together to develop innovative solutions for compliance challenges.

How We Do It

Our Team of Experts

Data Scientists

Our data scientists have extensive experience in developing machine learning models for a wide range of applications, including natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive modeling. They use their expertise to extract key information from regulatory texts, identify patterns and trends that indicate a high risk of non-compliance, and automate compliance processes such as regulatory horizon scanning, identifying regulatory obligations and identifying risks and effective controls under legal and regulatory texts.

Software Engineers

Our software engineers are experts in building robust and scalable systems that can handle large and complex datasets. They use their skills to develop custom software solutions that integrate with existing systems and meet the unique needs of our clients.

Compliance Experts

Our compliance experts have a deep understanding of laws and regulations, and work closely with our data scientists and software engineers to ensure that our solutions meet all regulatory requirements. They also help our clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape and stay ahead of upcoming changes.

Together, our team has a wealth of experience in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to financial services laws and regulations, and we are dedicated to delivering solutions that help our clients comply with these regulations while also improving their overall operations.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide customized solutions and services to our clients, using our skills in AI and ML to help them comply with the laws and regulations in the financial services industry, improve their operations and predict regulatory changes.

Our team works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and deliver solutions that meet those needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization stay compliant and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations.

What We Do

FinregE Machine Learning and AI Based Solutions

FinregE provides the following solutions and services to our clients, using our skills in AI and ML to help them comply with the laws and regulations:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Regulatory Text Analysis

FinregE has researched and built NLP techniques that can automatically extract key information from regulatory texts, such as specific requirements, deadlines, and compliance obligations. This allows our clients to quickly and easily understand their regulatory obligations and take appropriate actions to comply with them.

Machine Learning for Compliance Monitoring

FinregE has developed machine learning algorithms that can be trained on large datasets of past regulatory actions and documentation to identify patterns and trends that are indicative of non-compliance. These models can be used to automatically map regulations to institutions internal compliance documents such as policies, risks, controls and processes, and flag any areas of non-compliance based on gaps identified via the mapping exercise.

Predictive Analytics for regulatory changes

FinregE’s Regulatory Horizon Scanning and Change Management solutions uses AI and ML to gather data on regulatory publications and changes across multiple web sources in real-time and identify potential areas of non-compliance. Here, FinregE’s algorithms connect internal governance and compliance data such as policies, procedures, risks and controls as soon as changes are captured to identify areas in existing compliance where regulatory changes have an impact. This helps our clients stay ahead of regulatory changes and proactively take steps to comply with new laws and regulations.

Ontology Development

FinregE has already worked with over 100 different regulations across multiple jurisdictions and has developed an ontology that helps to define the relationships between different regulatory concepts, making it easier for compliance and regulatory professionals to understand and interpret the laws and regulations. FinregE currently uses this ontology to automate the compliance processes and extract key actions and obligations, and map it to client controls and policies to demonstrate their compliance footprint.

Automatic Classification of Documents

FinregE has machine learning algorithms trained on large datasets of common legal and regulatory texts in domains on data protection, capital markets, consumer banking, payment services, investment management, insurance, cyber security and fintech. FinregE has trained models that automatically classifies legal texts and regulatory publications into different categories such as compliance reports, legal agreements, enforcements and regulatory filings. This can help institutions to quickly and easily locate and review the specific documents they need to comply with regulations.

Regulatory Actions and Obligations Identification

Using Natural Language Processing, FinregE can automatically extract key information from regulatory texts such as keywords and phrases from regulatory texts that relate to compliance obligations and responsibilities. This helps our clients quickly and easily understand their regulatory obligations and take appropriate actions to comply with them. FinregE regulatory obligations help our clients construct automated risks and controls that are tailored to the specific requirements of the regulations they need to comply with.

Regulatory obligations to compliance controls mapping

FinregE has developed NLP techniques that can map regulatory obligations to existing internal governance, risk and compliance data, such as policies, risks, and controls. FinregE’s NLP can align regulatory texts with the text contained in internal governance, risk and compliance data such as policies, risks and controls, and measure the similarity between regulatory texts and internal governance, risk and compliance data. This can help organizations identify which regulatory obligations are already being met by their existing internal controls and which new controls need to be put in place to comply with the regulations.

FinregE is funded by Innovate UK and UK Research and Innovation via an Innovation Smart Grant to deliver a project Natural Language Process for Financial Regulation.

Finreg-E / Natural Language Processing for Financial Regulation

Our team of experts has partnered with Imperial College London to deliver cutting-edge technology that can significantly reduce the time and cost of compliance for global financial institutions.

The financial sector has seen a significant growth in scale and complexity of regulations since the financial crisis. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for organizations, as it helps them meet their obligations to stakeholders and customers, and builds trust in the financial system. However, traditional compliance processes can be time-consuming and manually demanding, making it challenging for financial institutions to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of global regulations.

Our platform offers several solutions, such as:

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