Enjoy Time and Cost Savings With Optimised Compliance Monitoring

Identify your regulatory obligations, map your compliance controls and stay on top of regulatory and compliance developments with FinregE’s automated compliance monitoring tools.

The benefits of automated compliance monitoring

Optimise existing processes

Streamline complex monitoring procedures with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automated horizon scanning.

Improve speed and productivity

Improve your compliance monitoring program with horizon scanning and monitoring at local and international levels using advanced automation tools.

Organise regulatory content

Our regulatory content is delivered in an organised taxonomy with standardised attributes across local and global jurisdictions.

Highlight relevant regulatory content

Quickly identify any relevant regulatory content despite sweeping through regulatory updates to optimise compliance monitoring and lifecycle management.

Real-time compliance monitoring

Use our solution to incorporate real-time compliance monitoring into your process to help your team keep up with the latest updates.

About FinregE

FinregE was founded by a team of professionals with over two decades of experience in regulatory policy development, financial supervision, data algorithms, and software product design.

We build simple, scalable, and sustainable financial compliance solutions that leverage the power of automation and AI to help organisations transform financial compliance into an automated, and efficient process.

As the financial regulatory landscape evolves, it’s critical to optimise your compliance processes to adapt to the latest regulatory updates and ensure your compliance workflows inform your business strategy.

At FinregE, this is what we specialise in.

We help you turn compliance monitoring into an automated, real-time process, allowing you to stay compliant with the latest updates, sharpen your business strategy, cut costs, and boost revenue.


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