FCA’s £675m Digital Leap: FinregE Among Top Suppliers in Groundbreaking Framework

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The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has signed a £675m (€807m) digital services framework agreement with 62 suppliers. The framework will provide the FCA with a range of services for application development, maintenance, and modern application development, helping the organization to improve its operational processes and deliver better services to consumers. 

FinregE, a leading provider of AI-powered compliance solutions, has been selected as one of the 62 suppliers on the framework. FinregE’s expertise in AI and machine learning will allow the FCA to automate its compliance processes, enhance risk management, and ensure regulatory compliance with unprecedented precision. 

Why FinregE was selected?

FinregE was selected for the framework agreement due to its strong track record in delivering innovative and effective compliance solutions. The company’s solutions have been used by several financial institutions to improve their compliance processes and reduce their regulatory risk. 

What this means for the FCA?

The selection of FinregE and the other suppliers on the framework marks a significant step forward in the FCA’s digital transformation journey. The framework will provide the FCA with the resources and expertise it needs to modernize and maintain its IT systems. 

What this means for FinregE?

Being selected as one of the 62 suppliers on the FCA’s digital services framework is a major achievement for FinregE. It demonstrates the company’s expertise in software development, DevOps, Cloud technology, AI and machine learning and its ability to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. 

What’s next for FinregE and the FCA?

FinregE is excited to work with the FCA to help the organization achieve its digital transformation goals. The company is committed to providing the FCA with the best possible solutions to support its compliance and operational needs. 

In the coming years, FinregE looks forward to working with the FCA to develop new and innovative solutions that will further enhance the FCA’s ability to protect consumers, enhance market integrity, and promote competition. 

We are confident that our partnership with the FCA will have a positive impact on the UK financial services industry. 

Read the Press Release here: Financial Conduct Authority signs £675m digital services framework – PublicTechnology 

FCA Website: View Notice | Financial Conduct Authority & Payment Systems Regulator Procurement Portal (delta-esourcing.com) 

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