FinregE at AI in Financial Services Forum

On November 16th, 2023, FinregE had the honor of not just attending but being asked to demonstrate its platform at the prestigious AI in Financial Services Forum.

Cutting Through the AI Hype:

The AI in Financial Services Forum distinguished itself by offering a straightforward perspective on how the financial sector is truly being impacted by AI. The event focused on various facets, ranging from the possibilities of Gen AI to reduce cost through technology, privacy concerns, data inputs, and more. Attendees were promised a deep dive into the practical implications of AI, avoiding the hype and providing tangible insights. This event facilitated opportunities for multiple open dialogue around responsible and ethical applications of AI across finance. Sessions provided a pragmatic outlook countering much of the hype. Real-world use cases were presented to highlight AI furthering access, efficiency, risk management, and transparency when properly implemented.

Amongst the participants FinregE stood out by being the only company showcasing a technology/solution that fully automates the compliance process by leveraging all the latest technology components such as AI/LLM/NLP. This recognition showcased FinregE’s commitment to providing practical solutions for the challenges faced by financial institutions.

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