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With the severity of COVID-19 outbreaks abating over time, we can expect a shift in how regulatory authorities operate; as they scale back on the lenient approach they’ve adopted during the course of the past two years, financial institutions can expect greater rule changes on the horizon.

Keeping pace with these updates across national, regional, and local bodies can be challenging for most public and private organisations, turning regulatory compliance into an uncertain or costly process where a single update can lead to compliance gaps.

The silver lining is that by incorporating FinregE’s regulatory alerts solution into your compliance management workflows, you can stay in line with the latest updates and adjust your processes on a faster timeline.

What can you expect with automated regulatory alerts?

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FinregE is ISO 27007-certified and has attained Stage 1 and Stage 2 of FSQS’ accreditations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FinregE’s automated compliance management platform allows you to map your internal business processes to compliance policies. This includes the most recent regulatory updates to help you determine compliance gaps quickly and efficiently.

Yes, our rule mapping solution allows you to connect local regulatory developments to global standards and requirements within seconds. Moreover, you can explore the connections between regulatory laws and internal compliance gaps to rewrite business standards to meet the requirements of regulatory alerts.

Yes, FinregE can take vast volumes of regulatory text and convert it into easily digestible and understandable summaries that make regulatory rulings easier to follow. 

Using our automated compliance management solution, you can assess your internal business processes and procedures to identify compliance gaps or evaluate your standards.

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