Simplify Financial Compliance with Our Regulatory Compliance Software

Automate the compliance actions of assigning tasks, accountability and controls to regulatory rules and requirements with FinregE’s intelligent compliance workflow software.

Why use our automated regulatory compliance software?

Improve regulatory data management with our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified regulatory compliance software.

Streamline workflows and speed up compliance tasks across the regulatory lifecycle to optimise processes.

Leverage our flexible dashboard to get a comprehensive view of regulatory requirements across departments.

Get the latest regulatory updates delivered in local and international languages with advanced translation APIs.

Get the latest regulatory updates delivered in local and international languages with advanced translation APIs.

About Us

FinregE was established by a team of finance professionals and software experts to help financial institutions improve financial compliance management.

Our mission is to convert financial compliance into an automated, simple, and scalable process by building sustainable compliance solutions that leverage the power of AI.

Our solutions help you get the latest updates on time and incorporate them into business processes to turn compliance management into a more manageable process.

Between trying to keep up with all the latest regulatory updates, finding compliance gaps, and ensuring that your operations meet new regulatory requirements, compliance management can become a complex and costly undertaking.

The good news is that today, our automated regulatory compliance software can help you turn compliance management into a simple and efficient function that can be scaled across your organisation.

Why work with FinregE?

Our regulatory compliance software is the first and only solution that combines advanced analytics, NLP, and machine learning to make compliance management an efficient and streamlined process.

By leveraging our solution, financial institutions have been able to streamline compliance workflows, organise regulatory content into a manageable taxonomy, and receive real-time alerts on regulatory updates, enjoying more than 90% cost savings.


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We recognise that managing and maintaining regulatory compliance is one of the most time and resource consuming activity. We would welcome sharing with you how we are helping our clients harness the power of technology to solve their compliance problems.
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