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With banks looking to avoid costly penalties while reducing compliance costs, they need comprehensive solutions that can help them streamline and optimise their financial regulatory procedures.

Unfortunately, banks have manual, outdated practices that are frequently undermined by duplicate processes and red tape, which hurts the organisation’s ability to meet banking compliance regulations.

However, you only require a single platform to revamp compliance into an efficient, agile process with our automated financial compliance solution.

At FinregE, we specialise in optimising compliance and risk management so banks and other financial institutions can meet regulatory requirements while cutting costs.

Why meeting banking compliance regulations might be challenging

  • Difficulty in evaluating how regulatory updates can affect compliance procedures.
  • Duplicate procedures lead to delays or inaccurate compliance reports.
  • Bottlenecks can affect communication with different business units.
  • Large volume of regulatory content makes it impossible to gain useful insight.
  • Regulatory updates are difficult to obtain within a timely manner.
  • Regulatory content has become far too complex to manage manually.

How can FinregE solutions help you mitigate compliance risks?

Automate critical compliance procedures – FinregE is the first and only RegTech platform to leverage automation technology, such as AI and NLP, to eliminate duplicate procedures and optimise manual processes to help streamline complex procedures.

Organise regulatory text: Leverage our platform to convert large volumes of regulatory text into a machine-readable library, allowing you to identify relevant updates faster, assess regulatory content quickly, and connect them to internal business operations far more efficiently than before to improve compliance management.

Optimise compliance procedures: Leverage our solution to identify compliance gaps and map internal operations to external regulatory requirements to streamline critical operations and convert compliance management into a more efficient process.

Streamline compliance reporting: solution offers flexible compliance reporting and dashboard features that can compile reports quickly, reducing the workload of your personnel. Furthermore, you can convey complex information in a format that is easy to understand, which is critical for helping stakeholders understand the current compliance status.


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Why use FinregE?

Yes, our reg alerts solution can help you obtain the latest updates on banking compliance regulations from different institutions directly to your inbox. You can use this solution to get recent regulatory updates, streamline the process, and make it easier to manage compliance procedures.

A compliance breach occurs when there is a failure to adhere to compliance guidelines. However, it is important to note that an organisation can be considered guilty of breaching compliance guidelines even if there was no intention behind the violation because an organisation can be fined if regulatory procedures are not in line with regulatory updates. To prevent this from happening, organisations need to have mechanisms in place to update their regulatory procedures.

FinregE comes with several features that bring transparency to financial regulation. You can use this insight to improve communication with different business units and hold teams accountable for adapting to the latest compliance updates. This can help you streamline communication in compliance and improve your ability to respond to updates.

You can use the solution to manage change action management with our Impact Assessment Workflow, which allows you to tag and action important publications so your company can adjust operations to meet compliance requirements. Using this component streamlines communication and makes it easier to hold teams accountable and determine impact actions.


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